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Are you looking for Pilates classes in English?

Every year at Nexo we receive many tourists and people who do not speak Spanish, and are interested in continuing or starting to train Pilates.

At Nexo we offer personalized classes in English, so you can train safely. In our classes we use the Reformer, the Mat, the spinal corrector, the Ladder Barrel, the Cadillac and the Combo Chair.

We adapt classes for all types of levels, ages. We also offer classes for pregnant women.

Get to know our class styles

  • Therapeutic Pilates:

In this class you can enjoy the benefits of doing Pilates with a physiotherapist specialized in Pilates, in this class all kinds of pathologies are addressed, in addition in this type of session kinesthetic techniques such as manual therapy, assisted stretching among others are used. 

  • Contemporary Pilates Studio:

In these classes all the equipment is used or if you are interested, you can do only the class in the Reformer.

These classes are personalized classes, not private, in the room there may be other students training with other instructors.

Tell us what class you are looking for!

Price per class: Usd $25.

If you are interested in booking a class you can communicate by Wpp: +54-11-4422-3298.
To reserve the class you must pay the reservation before the class.

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